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Great to be Well Heeled – Shoe fashion connotes an individual sense of style. Yet even infants can be made to wear the most comfortable and coolest babies shoes chosen by moms with a keen eye for quality and style.

When it comes to ladies shoes that have won women’s hearts all over the world, the best options are those which combine style, quality, and comfort. Designer shoe lovers also love certain brands’ ability to accentuate the feminine form and let them feel confident & pampered. Heels, of course, elongate the legs and accentuate femininity.



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Fabulous flats that are very sexy are now quite common, too. No less than world-famous designers have fashioned “it” shoes that can drive women into frenzy. These range from sexy, irresistible heels they can actually use for walking, to beautiful, easy-to-wear stretch boots, to flats with unique details.

There are many different types of terrific ladies shoes. Some of them are girly, others ultra glamorous, and most are wearable & stylish. They make dressing up a fun exercise. Inspired by the obsession of celebrities for captivatingly beautiful new innovations, the well-heeled have sprung for such name brands as Manolo Blahnik, Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and others with an innate sultriness and stamp of high-end fashion in them.

These are a few examples of must-have ladies shoes often featured in glossy magazines and depicted in shows such as Sex & The City, or listed as top picks in online sites & forum. In the men’s department, modern shoes such as classic, versatile loafers can take fashionable men to work, dinner, or their travel destinations in style & comfort. Sharp dressers know that high quality brands of mens shoes are worth the investment.

For men with bucks to spare, well-constructed men’s dress shoes from designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo can be easy on the feet and look utterly stylish at the same time. What’s great about black leather shoes that connote high quality is that they are not just straightforward, understated and tasteful enough for corporate wear but are also appropriate for dressy evenings. Authentic designer shoes also assure wearers durability and complete a polished look.

Fashion-savvy individuals will think twice about tarnishing their image by settling for visibly cheap or run-down pair of shoes. In any case, what footwear designers suggest to shoe lovers everywhere is to be true to their own personal fashion sense, yet open to try something new. Indeed, a quality pair of shoes can be a strong indicator of an individual’s taste. So even when at play, people with a sense of style know they can look smashing, whether in mid-priced or top-of-the line casual footwear.  Modern-day exercise and sport shoes from internationally renowned footwear manufacturers protect feet in more ways than one.

One popular brand of sport shoes, for instance, has developed exercise footwear a notch higher than traditional walking shoes. The footwear tones leg muscles with every step the wearer takes. As for men’s training shoes, there are so many desirable options in the market right now, so take your time choosing what’s best for you. Those with rubber outsoles that offer durability & traction and a high level of comfort are ideal. 

Consider also your foot type, and the activity or sport you frequently engage in. If you need training shoes for racing, lightweight footwear is advisable. Some quality brands of running shoes offer pronation control, superior cushioning and shock absorption, and solid rubber outsole.

Not to be outdone when it comes to shoes are the 21st century kids who love being garbed in cool outfits and even cooler footwear. New-generation kids shoes range from character footwear to hip & high-tech sneakers that are a hit with most pre-teens and teenagers.  Some summer and fall/winter footwear collections for young misses and juniors can be both casual & elegant, and use innovative materials. As for the youngest shoe wearers in the family, parents should choose babies shoes that don’t squash little feet, are snug, and are made of breathable materials such as canvas or suede.

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